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The IBIX H2O Dry Eco-Blaster Model, featuring a dual operating system (dry and wet),  with a HELIX helical vortex nozzle, offers the best solution to clean and remove all facades including:

  • fair-faced brick walls
  • building structures (made made or artificial stones)
  • caked on dirt deposit
  • paint from plaster
  • algae, moss, and lichen
  • bricks cement and concrete

rough coating and mortar casting from stone and bricks after grouting to

  • residue of atmospheric pollution
  • lichen before anti-humidity and water-repellent protective coatings are applied.
Our Systems are suitable for cleaning cement or concrete structures efficiently in terms of hours of work and quality. In particular, the IBIX eco blasting method is especially useful for restoring reinforced concrete, degraded, peeled, and corroded concrete, and for removing rust from metal reinforcement rods exposed to weather agents before concrete is treated and restored. The technology developed by IBIX is particularly valued by operators specialised in the recovery of modern buildings and urban construction style.

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