The IBIX 40 Dry features dual action dry technology designed for hard to reach workspaces. Perfect for a wide variety of applications, pre-paint preparation and surface cleaning, the IBIX 40 Dry delivers a perfectly consistent air and media flow and notably requires only one operator and can be run by most small compressors. They are user friendly and deliver a precise, consistent, even air and media flow for a smooth surface finish with very low air volume requirements. Minimal dusting protects the health and safety or the operator and environment. IBIX provides the ultimate power in a small package.

The IBIX IBIX 40 Dry Surface Preparation System Includes:

  • IBIX-Pro Gun with 12mm Nozzle
  • 30 ft. Hose with Quick Connect
  • Large Filling Funnel with Sieve

Key Benefits

  • Portable Lightweight Versatility for ease of use
  • Quick-Click Nozzle saves time and money
  • Effective Control with high-quality results
  • Non-Abrasive application for delicate surfaces
  • Environmentally Friendly with no harsh chemicals

IBIX-Approved Abrasives for Use with Portable Blasting Equipment

IBIX® Industrial Approved Abrasives such as calcium carbonate, Armex soda, GMA garnet and walnut shells are perfect for mold mitigation and remediation, fire and smoke restoration, graffiti removal, odor elimination, surface prep and cleaning. Abrasive media mixes with compressed air, in some applications, water to provide a pressurized stream of media to clean a variety of surfaces.

  • Non-toxic environmentally-friendly materials
  • Cost-effective with optimum abrasive efficiency
  • Regulatory compliant for low dust emission

IBIX IBIX 40 Dry Maintenance Guide

Proper maintenance of your IBIX Pro40 Industrial Equipment is crucial to optimum performance. Download our maintenance checklist to help keep your IBIX Blasting Equipment in top condition.

Technical Feautures IBIX 40 Dry

  • Entirely made of aluminum
  • Pressure: adjustable from 0.2 to 7.5 bar (depending on the compressor)
  • Micrometric dosing of the blasting material Particles can range in size from 38 μm up to 1400 μm and have different specific gravity (from Natural Mineral Almandine to Sodium Bicarbonate, Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Carbonate, glass beads and vegetal media)
  • Compressed air supply: 5000 l/min
  • Standard nozzle size: int. Ø 8 mm cylindrical and int. Ø 8 mm Venturi with HELIX gun.
  • Other types of nozzles available: Int. Ø 7-10-12 mm, cylindrical. 5-5.5-5.5 L.115-7 L.120-8 L.120-9 L.120 Venturi.
  • Other types of nozzles available with HELIX gun: int. Ø 6 mm, Venturi, – 2-3-4 selective.
  • Blasting medium hose with protective sheath: 5+10 m
  • Blasting medium tank capacity: 40 l
  • Weight (with tank empty): approx. 48 kg


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