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IBIX Tech Hotline: (727) 776-4646


Portable Blasting / Cleaning Systems

The IBIX® System is a revolutionary micro air abrasion technology with portable blasting equipment for a wide variety of applications. This equipment is best suited for deep-penetration surface cleaning and pre-paint preparation as well as decontamination and historical preservation.

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Flame Spray Coating Systems

IBIX offers the highest state-of-the-art Flame Spray Coating Technology in the market today with their SPARTACUS Thermal Spray Powder Coating System. SPARTACUS provides maximum corrosion protection, capable of coating any bend or angle, by liquefying thermal spray powders.

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IBIX 101

  • Use of multiple abrasives on various surfaces
  • Various applications
    • Restoration
    • Remediation
    • Industrial
  • Easy Maintenance and Repair
  • Lightweight units with wet/dry options
  • Multiple attachments
  • Portable
  • Easy setup and take down
  • Low pressure, non-destructive cleaning and disinfecting
    • 5psi-130psi
  • Low consumption rate
    • 30-50% less than competitors
  • Smaller compressors
  • Manlift/rooftop
    • Rope
  • No corrosion
    • Aluminum tank
  • Dual tank option
  • Low dollar investment
    • ROI: Invesment returned in 2-4 jobs
  • IBIX System: $3500-$9900
  • Fast turn-around with smaller jobs
  • One-person operation

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