Return Policy

For questions on making a return, please contact your local distributor, sales agent, or IBIX North America at (727) 322-4611.

All equipment returns must fall within 30 days from date of shipment, require a completed Return Material Authorization Form, Return Material Authorization (RMA) Number, and is subject to a thirty percent (30%) restocking charge.

Official Return & Credit policy, as outlined in IBIX North America Terms & Conditions:

Goods must be thoroughly examined prior to accepting delivery. Concealed damage due to transportation must be reported to the carrier within thirty-six (36) hours of delivery. Non-conforming merchandise or shortages must be reported to IBIX North America within three (3) days of delivery. In either case, do not discard any packaging material.

All returns require a Return Material Authorization (RMA) Number and RMA Form. These will be provided to you upon request. All returns are subject to a thirty percent (30%) restocking charge.

Goods returned (except pursuant to warranty) must be in the unopened, original packaging, in new condition and in saleable condition. Costs incurred to repair goods returned in unsaleable condition (except for warranty service) will be deducted before any credit is issued. Goods returned in unsaleable condition and beyond repair will not be credited.

All returns, except those pursuant to warranty, must be shipped freight prepaid.

The 30% restocking charge applicable to returns made outside of warranty will be waived if: 1) an offsetting order of equal or greater value has been placed, and 2) the product is returned in its unopened, original packaging, and the product is n, custom produced or otherwise unsaleable.

If goods are not returned to IBIX North America within 30 days of invoice date, they will be considered purchased and will not be credited. When the restocking fee is waived due to an offsetting order being placed the goods to be returned must be received by IBIX North America within 30 days or they will be considered purchased and no credit will be given.