IBIX Environmental Commitment

IBIX uses only environmentally-friendly materials

The IBIX North America business philosophy is dedicated to saving the environment for the next generation. Our units are designed to be used with or without water. Micro-abrasive blasting with water reduces dust considerably. Our units operate at a lower pressure to reduce noise and media consumption. Lower friability reduces disposal costs and overall waste and environmental impact.

We offer environmentally friendly abrasive materials for use with our units: Soda, Calcium, Walnut Shells, Glass Beads & Garnet. All of our abrasive media are 100% safe and non-toxic to the operator and environment and are regulatory compliant. Our green abrasives, such as Garnet, are non-toxic and safer for operators because it includes no silicosis.

Cost Effective and Safe

Choosing a natural media instead of traditional chemicals creates a less toxic, less dusty environment. It's safer for the operator and the environment, while producing the best possible surface finish. Our units allow for wide variety of choices, even extremely fine 200-350 Mesh.

IBIX-Approved Abrasives for Use with Portable Blasting Equipment

IBIX®-Approved abrasives such as calcium carbonate, Armex soda, GMA garnet and walnut shell are perfect for mold mitigation, fire remediation, graffiti removal, odor elimination, surface prep and cleaning. Abrasive media mixes with compressed air, and in some applications, water, to provide a pressurized stream of media to clean a variety of surfaces. All abrasives shown on this website are are environmentally friendly and safe for human skin and resperatory systems.

  • Non-toxic environmentally-friendly materials
  • Cost-effective with optimum abrasive efficiency
  • Regulatory compliant for low dust emission

Polycon Textured Polymers

U-Coat Polymer’s are engineered to work in conjunction with Spartacus flame coater, creating the most durable coatings even in the most challenging environments. These unique polymer’s produce a virtually indestructible concrete polymer flame coating.

  • Long lasting protective coatings, exceptional protection for harsh environments
  • Ecological, UV resistant, anti-osmotic, flexible & repairable
  • Thermoplastic coating powders specifically formulated for concrete surfaces
  • Perfect adhesion due to special epoxy primer sealing the substrate
  • Proven coating cycle
  • No curing, no drying: coated surface ready for immediate service
  • Average coating coverage; 400 sq. ft. per hr.
  • Polymer Blue AQUA material is NSF 61 water compliant
  • VOC free

Polymer Powder Coatings

We carry a complete line of high quality Polymer Products for all your coating needs. We are proud to be the US supplier of Plascoat, the world leader in thermoplastic powder technology. Plascoat powders offer the ultimate coverage for flame coating metal and concrete against corrosion, wear and tear and chemical attack. They outperform other coatings, especially in terms of extended lifetime, environmental iPolymer Coating is among the most versatile and durable coatings available. It will outlast most, if not all, traditional coating powders, providing long-term protection for metal against demanding environments. Providing a proven track record of unbeatable performance in a wide range of applications. Modified custom blended polymers are perfect for Pipe Coating applications designed for flame spray applications. U-Coat polymers are ground larger so as not to burn in the flame. They are activated and softened in the flame and directed to the surface with accuracy, melting on the surface for the highest level of protection from salt, chemicals, scratching and erosion.

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