IBIX’s full line of products clean, sustain and prevent damage to building and concrete surfaces is available to help you maintain and preserve any porous surfaces. Our ongoing commitment to the environment also ensures our products are 100% organic. Read more about our cleaning and sealing products below.

Protect IT 100

IBIX is proud to introduce the latest environmentally friendly technology for sealing porous surfaces. This ecological, organic based impregnation sealer was developed in Europe and now available in North America exclusively supplied by IBIX. 

  • Improves the Thermal Insulation Value of a Treated Surface
  • Allows the building surface to breathe  
  • Will Not Change the Appearance of a Treated Surface 
  • VOC Free 
  • Ideal for waterproof 


  • Prevents airborne dirt and stains, including chewing gum, and graffiti from adhering to the surface 
  • Reducing on-going maintenance and costs 
  • Will not alter the aesthetics of a treated surface or change its color 
  • A treated surface will remain breathable 

Learn more about ProtectIT 100 surface sealer here.


VEGEGRAF is a plant-based anti-graffiti remover. It derives from plant and renewable substances with the lowest possible toxicity for humans and the environment. 

Learn more about Vegegraf here


DETAG are citrus based anti-graffiti wipes. 

Learn more about DeTag wipes here.