Frequently Asked Questions About IBIX USA’s Coating Polymers for the Anti Corrosive Coating Industry

Below are some common questions we get about our thermoplastics coating material and its application. If you have additional questions, please use our website form and contact us here.

What is the longevity of the surface coating polymer?

In most standard applications, 10 to 15 years. 

What colors are available for IBIX’s coating polymers?

See standard color chart. Custom colors can be ordered at min. 20.000 LBS.

Is the thermoplastic coating UV stable?

Yes, all our Powder colors are UV-Stable. 

What is the cure time?

This is a thermal powder, so cures with heat, it cures instantly. Once the powder is melted and cooled to the touch, it is cured. Cooling the polymer can be done with air, or water quench.

Can the polymer coating be repaired?

The polymer is repairable, by simply re-heating the section that is damaged, and putting on a new coat. Very simple. 

What thickness can be achieved with this type of surface coating?

The minimal thickness is 6 MIL. but we can build up to 25 MIL. Depending on the application. Usually the customer specifies minimum thickness required by the project.

Can it be applied in cold weather?

YES, since we are heating up the specific area we are coating, the ambient or cold weather does not affect the coating. Even humidity is not a factor. 

Is it chemical inert?

Absolutely, that is one of its best attributes. It can resist up to PH 13, which is very high. Please Download Chemical Chart

Can you apply the surface coating polymer directly to metal or steel?

YES, it was engineered for this purpose, without a primer, you can apply directly to steel, aluminum, and cast iron with no issue. However, it is recommended to blast these areas clean of any old debris, or old coatings prior to a blast standard NACE 2, SP10 or SA2.5 white metal.