Industrial-Strength Coating & Repair Materials

Repair, Protect & Upgrade Your Concrete & Steel Surfaces

Liquid Epoxy is a 2-part solvent free epoxy coating providing anti-corrosive protection to concrete, steel and other substrates. 

Key Benefits

  • Solvent free epoxy technology
  • Apply 2 coats at 250 microns per coat
  • Apply by roller or brush
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Gloss finish
  • Incorporate aggregate for an anti-slip finish
  • High chemical and wear resistance

POLYRES-N epoxy primer applied overall the surface in 2 coats, in order to seal the substrate from rising damp and salt and to improve the adhesion of POLYFUSION GREY flame spray.

IBIX offers the following liquid epoxy & polyurethane based coatings and engineering repair materials:

Liquid Epoxy Repair Materials

Powder Coating Materials

Polyfusion Thermoplastic Powder Coatings for Concrete

PolyCon products, through the integration of properly graded aggregates into the surface material, can provide a long lasting friction micro-overlay that can restore old pavements to new friction standards, or provide new asphaltic surfaces with a friction and wearing surface. Polycon is composed of specially sized aggregate, enriched composite powder, and proprietary polymers.

PolyHotCoat (PHC) Thermoplastic Powder Coatings for Steel

Polysteel protects metal surfaces from UV rays, acid rain, tree sap, industrial fallout, insects, water spotting, road salt and more.

Polyfusion/PHC Aqua for Pipe & Tank Coating

Plascoat PPA 571 Aqua has been developed specifically for the coating potable pipes, fittings and tanks. It can be used as an alternative to cement lining in ductile iron pipes or fusion bonded epoxy coatings on pipe fittings in the potable water and wastewater industries. Whether you are a specifier, water company or a pipe coater, Plascoat PPA 571 Aqua comes with a whole list of benefits including:

  • BPA free
  • Highly crack, chip and fracture resistant
  • Easy to apply
  • Always repairable

PolyHotCoat-Plus [FSPE] for Oil & Gas Pipelines Coating

Manufactured from polypropylene and Polyethylene, Plascoat Oil & Gas is a high-efficacy coating for oil and gas pipelines. It is a polyethylene powder coating that is suitable for flame spray applications for pipelines subjected to low temperatures with the following benefits:

  • Full compatibility with adjacent polyethylene coatings, in the case of field joint coatings
  • Suitability for 3-layer systems joints over FBE
  • Adherence to relevant parts of ISO FDIS 21809-1 Part A and all parts of ISO FDIS 21809-3
  • Has the capability with a single layer to perform the same role as a separate adhesive layer and top coat
  • Can build up thicknesses to greater than 3mm
  • Has an OIT greater than 40 min