IBIX® units are the premier blast system for infrastructure, structural steel and concrete projects. Our systems can handle all of your surface preparation needs for roads, bridges, airports, ports, parking facilities, power plants, waste treatment plants and buildings of all kinds. Units are available to fit any size project or location. They can handle the removal of unwanted corrosion, old surface coating or contamination necessary to prepare any surface for our coating application. IBIX units are powerful enough to remove virtually any debris from your surface without damaging the original surface.

Revolutionary Flame Spray Coating Technology

The Spartacus is a lightweight, portable, versatile one-man operation. Ideal for all types of infrastructure coating. IBIX systems are particularly suited for structural steel and concrete. Coatings applied with Spartacus provide a smooth flexible coating that is resistant to chemicals, salt, chipping, cracking, scratching and harsh environments. UV stable for outdoor applications, cures in seconds and is extremely durable. Our coatings are exceptionally beneficial for substrates that are susceptible to acid, sulfates, corrosion and chemicals.

Virtually Eliminates Traditional Plaster or Paint Coatings

Unlike traditional coatings such as paint, our coatings are repairable. IBIX flame spray coating powder is a thermal Plastic Coating applied pneumatically. The raw materials, in a dry powder form is propelled through a gun-type applicator and heated onto the surface. Material dries almost instantaneously and is more durable than any traditional coating materials. IBIX Polymer and Epoxy’s are engineered to work in conjunction with Spartacus flame coater, creating the most durable coatings imaginable even in the most aggressive, challenging locations.