Swimming Pools

IBIX Swimming Pool Surface Prep and Powder Coating

Flame Spray Coating Technology for Swimming Pools

IBIX® partners with ecoFINISH® to provide the most durable coating for concrete refurbishing. Our revolutionary flame spray coating system is ideal for commercial pool resurfacing. The surface is low maintenance and durable, it won’t chip, crack or peel due to the elements. Unlike traditional coatings, it is flexible and easily repairable.

IBIX flame spray coating powder is a thermal Plastic Coating applied pneumatically. The raw materials, in a dry powder form, is propelled through a gun-type applicator and heated onto the surface. Material dries almost instantaneously and is more durable than any traditional coating materials.


  • Long lasting protective coatings for concrete surfaces, exceptional protection for harsh environments
  • Ecological, UV resistant, anti-osmotic, flexible & repairable
  • Thermoplastic coating powders specifically formulated for concrete surfaces
  • Perfect adhesion due to special epoxy primer sealing the substrate
  • Proven coating cycle
  • No curing, no drying: coated surface is ready for immediate service
  • Average coating coverage; 400 sq. ft. per hr.
  • Polymer Blue AQUA material is NSF 61 water compliant
  • VOC free