IBIX Railway Industry Surface Prep and Powder Coating

Specialty Applications: Railways

Innovations for Concrete Anchoring Systems

Innovative Concrete Rail Anchoring Tool – IBIX I-76127

90 degree nozzle for Historic Preservation Gun

IBIX Custom 90° Blast Nozzle
  • IBIX Tungsten Carbide Tip for hole sizes:
  • Diameter: 3” – 5”
  • Depth: Maximum 3’
  • Note: Use Adjustable Lance for Custom Depth Specifications
90˚ Angle for Even Profiling
  • 15 Second Per Hole Operation (with Garnet Media)
  • Doubles Epoxy’s Strength Capability
  • Deflector Vacuum Available

Introducing an innovative breakthrough for preparing concrete for anchoring systems. IBIXportable cleaning systems success stripping road markings and epoxy coatings off concrete, lead to new technology developments. This specially designed IBIX Tungsten Carbide Blast Nozzle for IBIX-Pro40 and IBIX-Pro25, consists of a 90 degree angle, allowing the abrasive media to evenly profile the inside of the hole or pipe, which naturally improves the anchoring strength by providing increased grip and torque for epoxy materials.

Applications Include: Bridge Anchors, Building Balconies, Rail Anchor Systems, Cat Walks and much more. Virtually any concrete hole that requires joining another surface with epoxy.

Specialty Applications


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