Industry Served – Pipeline Oil & Gas

IBIX Pipeline Industry Surface Prep and Powder Coating

Portable 3-in-1 application system

Spartacus is the latest technology for coating pipes and joints. It has proven to be extremely valuable, particularly in the oil and gas industries. Our Coating Systems allow operators to coat joints and make on-site field repairs, even in the most challenging environments. This is the only system of its kind, capable of coating virtually any bend or angle, by liquefying the polymer coating material. Designed for coating PE and PP bends, joints, buckle arrestors and standard pipes.

The Spartacus is a lightweight, portable, versatile one-man operation ideal for working in the field. Coatings adhere perfectly to factory finishes for joint applications.Our flame system kills microorganisms prior to coating.

Spartacus is extremely valuable for enhancing bond adhesion and preventing long-term corrosion.

Recommended Equipment for Pipeline Industry

All IBIX systems are offered with a variety of accessories (available for an additional cost) to fit virtually any job requirement. Case Studies have revealed the following equipment to be best suited for the pipeline industry:

SPARTACUS Pipeline Package

IBIX-Pro9 Pipeline Package

IBIX-Pro25 Pipeline Package

IBIX-Pro40 Pipeline Package

IBIX-HiPro60 Pipeline Package