Industry Served – Transportation Restoration

IBIX Historic Preservation – A Comprehensive Solution

Lightweight aluminum blast systems for restoring antique vehicles of all kinds. IBIX® Systems are the premier blast system for restoring all forms of transportation vehicles. From historic airplanes or trains to tractors, cars and motorcycles. Powerful enough for professional restoration experts, with the ease of operation for any enthusiast. IBIX Portable Blasting Systems are powerful enough to remove paint and rust from virtually any surface without damaging the original surface material.

Economical, Versatile and Safe for the Environment

Lightweight aluminum construction make our units a portable one-man operation. Every unit is equipped with rollers for easy portability. IBIX Portable Blasting Systems are user friendly and deliver a precise, consistent even air and media flow for a smooth surface finish with very low air volume requirements. Minimal dusting improves health and safety for the operator and the environment. The IBIX units are ideal for restoration of priceless antique vehicles of all sizes...planes, trains, automobiles and boats. Ideal for private airports, auto collision shops, farms and marinas.

Innovative Concrete Rail Anchoring Tool – IBIX I-76127

90 degree nozzle for Historic Preservation Gun

IBIX Custom 90° Blast Nozzle
  • IBIX Tungsten Carbide Tip for hole sizes:
  • Diameter: 3” – 5”
  • Depth: Maximum 3’
  • Note: Use Adjustable Lance for Custom Depth Specifications
90˚ Angle for Even Profiling
  • 15 Second Per Hole Operation (with Garnet Media)
  • Doubles Epoxy’s Strength Capability
  • Deflector Vacuum Available

Introducing an innovative breakthrough for preparing concrete for anchoring systems.IBIX® portable cleaning systems success stripping road markings and epoxy coatings off concrete, lead to new technology developments. This specially designed IBIX Tungsten Carbide Blast Nozzle for IBIX-Pro40 and IBIX-Pro25, consists of a 90 degree angle, allowing the abrasive media to evenly profile the inside of the hole or pipe. This naturally improves the anchoring strength by providing increased grip and torque for epoxy materials.

Applications Include: Bridge Anchors, Building Balconies, Rail Anchor Systems, Cat Walks and much more. Virtually any concrete hole that requires joining another surface with epoxy.

IBIX Serves the Boating (Marine) Industry

IBIX units are the premier blast systems used in the marine industry for boats and ships of any age. Because our systems can use the patented Helix gun, protecting historic vessels is no problem. Professional in the boating and ship-building industry already know IBIX in perfectly suited for decontamination and cleaning, removal of grease, oil residue, paint, carbon deposits or glue, from machinery and utensils.

IBIX Serves the Aircraft Industry

IBIX is a Proud Sponsor of Wings of Steel

IBIX is a Proud Sponsor for Wings of Steel

Supporting the Preservation of Historic Aircraft, the IBIX EASY BLAST system will be on display at air shows across the Nation along with the only restored Flying Fairey Gannet.

The IBIX Easy Blast was used on Wings of Steel's historic restoration project featuring a rare jet fighter that served throughout the 70's. This restoration project took 3 years to complete.

Recommended Equipment for Transportation Restoration Industry

All IBIX systems come with a variety of attachments to fit virtually any job requirement. With time and experience each industry discovers which equipment works best for them. Case Studies have revealed the following equipment to be best suited for the transportation restoration industry: