Industry Served – Marine

IBIX Marine Industry Surface Prep and Powder Coating

IBIX® units are the premier blast systems are indispensable for every professional working in the boating and ship-building industry. Perfectly suited for decontamination and cleaning, removal of grease, oil residue, paint, carbon deposits or glue, from machinery and utensils. Economical,Lightweight aluminum construction make our units a portable one-man operation. Every unit is equipped with rollers for easy portability.IBIX® units are user friendly and deliver a precise, consistent even air and media flow for a smooth surface finish with very low air volume requirements.Minimal dusting improves health and safety for the operator and the environment.

Crucial for off-shore maintenance, extending the life of marine vessels and off-shore platforms. Removes contaminants and tough marine coatings from offshore platforms, jack up oil rigs, industrial, military and commercial ships, carriers, passenger ferries and tankers.

Flame Coating Technology

The IBIX Revolutionary Powder Coating Spartacus System is a lightweight, portable, versatile one man operation. Ideal for coating concrete flooring, in manufacturing, industrial, water treatment facilities, chemical plants, parking garage, airports and swimming pools. Coatings applied with Spartacus provide a smooth flexible coating that is resistant to chemicals, salt, chipping, cracking and scratching. UV stable for outdoor applications, cure in seconds and are extremely durable. Our coatings are exceptionally beneficial for substrates that are susceptible to acid, sulfates, corrosion and chemicals.

Useful for Marine Maintenance Including:

  • Bilges, ballast tanks, cofferdams, and engineering spaces
  • Areas typically prohibitive to abrasive blasting (near hydraulics, electronics, seal and bearings)
  • Corrugated steel, non-ferrous metal surfaces, tie downs, deck perimeters and compartments
  • Sump pits, rudder stocks, tiller extensions, transom and rudder fitting scuppers, bridge wings
  • Storage facilities: lube oil tanks, water tanks
  • Propellers and flaps
  • Removal of soot contamination
  • Cleaning and polishing teak floors with garnet mineral and sodium bicarbonate
  • Polishing aluminum and stainless steel structures with sodium bicarbonate
  • Deck winches, wing bridges, hatch covers, any other support maintenance

Recommended Equipment for Marine Industry

All IBIX systems come with a variety of attachments to fit virtually any job requirement. With time and experience each industry discovers which equipment works best for them. Case Studies have revealed the following equipment to be best suited for the marine industry: