EasyBlast EB-6

EasyBlast 6 Product Image with Accessories

IBIX® Restoring America... Made Easy with Easy Blast

For A Wide Variety of Surface Prep & Cleaning Applications

Designed and Engineered by IBIX for restoration companies across North America. We know how much care and hours of labor are dedicated to your most beloved treasure, and IBIX would like to make your job easier. With our hand held precision gun detail blaster.

Easy Blast provides nondestructive cleaning, ideal for auto collision, detail and restoration shops. It is great for pre-paint preparation, rust removal, dirt and debris with no warping. Both the EB-6 and EB 25 are versatile, economical and made of lightweight aluminum with rollers for easy portability.

IBIX has been used for years by industrial professionals on oil & gas pipelines, ship repairs, building restoration and much more. The Easy Blast was specifically designed for auto body restoration because it is safe for any surface. It can be used on engines, brakes, rims and even classic automobiles. These units have been used on motorcycles, bicycles, trains, airplanes and all types of home cleaning projects such as patios, driveways and grills.

Teamed up with our eco-friendly abrasives, they are perfect for pre-paint preparation and cleaning surfaces of virtually any kind, including aluminum, steel, copper, tin, wood, concrete, stone, brick, tile and grout.

The EasyBlast 6 Surface Preparation System Includes:

  • IBIX Dry Gun with 3mm Nozzle
  • 20 ft. Air Supply Hose
  • Filling Funnel with Internal Sieve

Key Benefits

  • Portable Lightweight Versatility for ease of use
  • Quick-Click Nozzle saves time and money
  • Effective Control with high-quality results
  • Non-Abrasive application for delicate surfaces
  • Environmentally Friendly with no harsh chemicals

IBIX-Approved Abrasives for Use with Easy Blast Equipment

IBIX®-Approved abrasives such as calcium carbonate, Armex soda, GMA garnet and walnut shell are perfect for mold mitigation and remediation, fire and smoke restoration, graffiti removal, odor elimination, surface prep and cleaning. Abrasive media mixes with compressed air, in some applications, water to provide a pressurized stream of media to clean a variety of surfaces.

  • Non-toxic environmentally-friendly materials
  • Cost-effective with optimum abrasive efficiency
  • Regulatory compliant for low dust emission

Portable Blasting Equipment


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Revolutionary Technology...Maximum Versatility

All IBIX systems are offered with a variety of accessories (available for an additional cost) to fit virtually any job requirement. One of our most popular accessories is the extended lance for reaching overhead and tight spaces. We offer a complete selection of nozzles for various blast patterns as well as a funnel and vacuum shroud for indoor blasting. Accessories for our Portable Blasting Systems include:


The only multi-purpose battery operated grouting machine designed for industrial, commercial and architectural applications

IBIX Mobile Lab Kit

Designed to support on-site evaluation of surface analysis so architects and contractors have immediate feedback to make qualified decisions.

Vaccum Shroud Attachment

For controlled low-dust surface blasting in work environments where dust containment & control is of paramount importance.

Moisture Separator for High Humidity Environments

Recommended for use in high-humidity environments. Add to pressure regulator and/or compressor. Item Number: I-MS-G450-25

IBIX EasyGrout
IBIX Mobile Lab Kit
IBIX Vacuum Shroud Attachment accessory
Moisture Separator for IBIX-Pro25 and EasyBlast 25 Systems

IB-VRK220-USA Compressor

Features a Hydro-SEP centrifugal moisture separator that removes humidity from the air – the perfect match for IBIX-Pro9 and IBIX Easy Blast systems.

Electric Compressor

Reliable Power and Flow Consistency

Rotair D185T4 Compressor

Ultra Silent Portable Diesel Air Compressor providing efficient, reliable power and low-speed-air-end

Mi-T-M Compressor

Gas-driven rotary screw air compressor is capable of producing 115 CFM @ 100 PSI, this unit is widely used on a variety of restoration projects.

IB-VRK220-USA Compressor
IBIX Electric Compressor
IBIX Rotair D185T4 Compressor
IBIX Mi-T-M Compressor


  • Pressure Adjustable: 2.9 - 123 PSI (0.2 - 8 bars)
  • Abrasive Range: 30-350 Mesh (0.025 - 2.5mm)
  • Hose Length: 20 ft. (6m)
  • Standard Nozzle: 5/32" (3mm)
  • Tank Capacity: 6 Liters (1.5 gallons/13 lbs.)
  • Usage Rate: 0.75-1.5 lbs./sq.ft. avg.
  • Performance: 33-55 sq.ft./h avg.
  • Minimum Air: 12 CFM
  • System Height (No Handle): 25”
  • System Width: 8”
  • Packaging Dimensions (Box): 14”x17”x31”
  • Machine net weight: 26 lbs.
  • Surface Cleaning: Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Wood, Glass, Marble, Concrete, Masonry, Stone, Composite
  • IBIX® systems are ASME compliant #41,780, #41,779 and come with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.