CENTURION Flame Spray Application Gun

With Wide-Spray Pattern Advantage

The new Centurion is the most advanced gun for Spartacus. Providing a wider, knife like spray pattern, increasing coverage area with enhanced blending. CENTURION flame spray coater was specifically designed to produce a polymeric coating using our IBIX thermal plastic powder. The finishes are easily applied with our proven installation methods, providing a smooth and durable astoundingly beautiful finish, that will last for many years. Available with a handle or without for two-hand operation. Patent Pending.

Unlike traditional coatings such as paint, our coatings are repairable. IBIX flame spray coating powder is a thermal Plastic Coating applied pneumatically. The raw materials, in a dry powder form is propelled through a gun-type applicator and heated onto the surface.

U-Coat & Plascoat Polymers are engineered to work in conjunction with CENTURION Flame Spray Application Gun, creating the most durable coatings even in the most challenging environments.

Wide-Spray Pattern Advantage

  •  Spray pattern over 4-5″ wide
  •  3-4 times as wide as the Standard High Flow gun
  •  Faster spraying with more uniform layers
  •  More consistent overlapping of passes
  •  No powder “lines” or “stripes” for a flawless finish
  •  Minimize the risk of unmolten powder with air trapped in the coating