The Gladiator Flame Coating System Powered By IBIX North America

Ideal For The Swimming Pool Industry, The Gladiator Flame Coating System Offers The Most Effective Technology Against Surface Degradation

The Gladiator Flame Coating System is resistant to sand, sun, water and chemical agents such as chlorine. The system provides incredibly strong anti-rust coating that is resistant to impacts and UV rays making it the perfect system when applying swimming pool coatings. No primer is needed and the system applies consistent color every time. The Gladiator can be used in a wide variety of application types. However, it is an ideal system for swimming pool applications.

  • Mobile unit with large wheels for easier transport on rough terrain
  • Quick connect, color coded hoses
  • Requires IBIX VRK220-2 Compressor at 70CFM
IBIX USA Gladiator Flame Coating System

IBIX Gladiator Flame Coating System Special Features

  • Compact
  • Portable, easy to carry 
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile, thanks to three application gun sizes with different flow rates, fully interchangeable 
  • The application process can be easily controlled by means of fast settings

Ideal For Outdoor Applications

  • Swimming Pools
  • Light Poles
  • Guard Rails
  • Gas and Water Distribution Systems
  • Food Industries

Advantages Of IBIX Polymer Coatings

  • Thermoplastic coating powders specifically formulated for concrete and steel
  • UV resistant, anti-osmotic, fixable & repairable
  • Chemical resistant, electrical insulation, anti-corrosion
  • No cracking or chipping, impact resistant, proven coating cycle

Additional Information About IBIX Flame Coating Systems

  • About IBIX North America Flame Coating Systems (Brochure)
  • Please Note:

    All IBIX Systems require a compressor for operation. Please contact IBIX North America at (727) 322-4611 for more information or contact us on our website here.