Top-Of-The-Line VRK220-2 Compressor With Drying System and Water Separator Hydor-SEP

The IBIX IB-VRK220-2 Compressor is recommended for use with the Spartacus Powder Coating System.

The IBIX IB-VRK220-2 Compressor is the best compressor for use with Spartacus Professional Flame Coating System. It includes a patented drying system, built-in cooling system with a patented Hydro-SEP centrifugal moisture and Honda GX 690, 25 HP, 2 Cylinder, unleaded gas engine.

IB-VRK220-2 Compressor Features and Benefits:

  • Portable with a fold-away handle
  • START-WORK device for easy start even at low temperatures
  • Pull-open protective casing
  • Limited fuel consumption due to automatic and progressive acceleration of the engine speed according to the required air(ECONOMICAL SYSTEM)
  • Compatible with most Easy Blast and IBIX Pro portable blasting systems.

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