IBIX North America, Surface Technologies corporate is located in Tampa Bay, Florida along with its affiliate U-Coat Technologies, Inc. and global Partner offices Tecnosupply SRL. We have been providing technical solution-driven products for a variety of industrial applications for many years.

Building structural Maintenance to Off Shore Oil and Gas to Marine or Historic Preservation Nationwide, and Transportation Industries (plains, trains, automobiles) our IBIX systems benefit almost every Industry.

We provide our customers through specialty distributors with custom solution equipment, but the best supporting performing materials needed to outperform the competition.

A Word From Our President

The IBIX 3 in 1 solution:

  1. Deep Clean with IBIX system package
  2. Seal with IBIX Protect IT
  3. Extended Preservation with IBIX Organic Vegetable maintenance program

IBIX provides the most portable surface preparation systems that come in a variety of sizes along with compressors and Media to suit various jobs. The advantage of being able to run multiple abrasives dry and/or wet increases the output performance on various surfaces from wood, to plastic, to Aluminum and steel structures, even in hard-to-reach areas from a Man-lift. Our units have the capability to adjust the abrasive flow rates to a non-destructive (MICRO Abrasion) setting to accommodate large and small historic structures and very delicate surfaces, even glass or marble. Multiple gun attachments and various nozzle sizes allow for more versatility in the field on almost any surface; such as wood, steel, stone, plastic and glass especially with our patented rotational Helix technology.

Ongoing Support For IBIX Blasting Systems

To further complement our surface preparation systems, we have now added Supporting materials for surface repairs, on stone and concrete as well the proper sealers and Organic Vegetable based Preservation materials for long term Maintenance program.

Supported by our IBIX Diagnostics Kit and qualified Staff Members we assist Architects and Project Managers with training and Certification to support Project security using our unique Technology.

Training Dealers and their contractors across the Nation is a critical part of our Business Philosophy.

Our complimentary IBIX Division is to provide the market with unique flame coating solutions for long term corrosion prevention.

Our Spartacus flamer coating system is a fully portable powder coating system for on-site Maintenance designed for contractors in the field.

The benefit of using our IBIX blast systems for cleaning the surface prior to immediate coating with our Polymers is the winning combination and makes our company offering unique to the North American market.

We offer Manual, semi-auto, and fully automated flame spray systems for various Industries, in the Oil/Gas Pipe Industry, Structural steel, or Concrete containment, all can benefit from a better coating solution and ease of application. Our Spartacus coating system has various gun attachments for different situations; from on-site repair to full-performance coating projects. Along with our high-performance polymer coating selection, repair materials and sealers, this makes for the perfect combination.

Our website offers insight into all the various Industries we service, and our Staff is eager to speak with your company about specific project needs.

Our distribution and service departments provide parts and systems knowhow to make sure the industry contractors can continue their projects with the utmost confidence and integrity.

Contact Us Today

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We strive to provide the right information for all our customers. If you have questions or would like to schedule a training session or demo, please call us at (727) 322-4611 or contact us through our website here. We look forward to serving you.