Words from Our President

IBIX North America, Surface Technologies LLC has come a long way since it’s humble beginnings in 2011. Being surrounded by salt water and harsh environments along the coasts of Tampa Bay, Florida, entrepreneur Robert G. Langhans had a vision: to support customers in North America with the most portable surface preparation and unique flame coating systems for on-site corrosion protection. It is normal to coat and blast in a shop, but to effectively do this on-site with little impact on the environment was a long-term personal goal, achieved with ECO-friendly products and low dust emission systems.

With over 17 years of experience with Polyolefin polymers and selling liner systems to heavy industrial applications, it was a natural transition to adopt the new application technology with exclusive rights to the market. Safety was a top priority and prior to launch, IBIX was awarded ASMEand UL certifications, and a new venture was born.

IBIX is making believers out of skeptics by traveling across countries demonstrating the unique attributes of the portable IBIX Systems. CEO – Robert G. Langhans knew the advanced technology would prevail and prove itself to key players in a vast number of industries including; marine, oil and gas pipelines, chemical and water plants, power plant maintenance, industrial facilities, transportation restoration, building and antique restoration, fire and flood remediation, and historic preservation, parks, recreation, as well as the pool industry.

IBIX North America’s coverage area includes the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Peru, Trinidad, Tobago, British Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, and portions of South America. It has grown into the largest North American OEM supplier Network, offering the “total solution package” applying NACE #1, SSPC #5, or SA 2.5 standards.

The key to IBIX North America’s success is not only cutting-edge technology, but also the top-notch service that customers receive. Robert says, “Our customers have come to depend on the success they experience with every project, no matter how challenging, when using our IBIX Systems.” This is made possible by the qualified staff that provides training on all the equipment and support materials. Their growing network, with various sales and warehouse outlets across the country, are trained/certified IBIX representatives: agents who teach the safe and proper operation of their equipment hands-on for the best results.

In addition, IBIX North America also offers a Support Hotline (Service Tech. 727.776.4646) and an online training portal that can be accessed through IBIXUSA.com, along with videos, proper set up guides, and material information. These resources allow even the newest operator who purchases an IBIX system to have a positive experience.

“We do not just sell equipment; we sell solutions,” says Robert. “Our team of experienced employees and distribution partners are the backbone of our success. They go beyond what is expected of them to help our clients, providing the best service possible and making IBIX what it is today.”