Helix Gun & Nozzle Kit

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Helix Gun

Helix GunThe patented HELIX® Gun uses a gentle, helical rotary movement considerably reducing the volume of air and media required to cover the same surface area as traditional blast equipment. Maximizing effectiveness while minimizing damage to delicate surfaces.

The use of special wear resistant Tungsten steel produces a nozzle that stands out for it's durability and longevity, even when using extremely hard abrasives.

Compared to traditional nozzles, the new generation HELIX® maintains the uniform action of the spray and allows the operator to work from a greater distance, minimizing evasiveness to the surface.

Nozzle Kits

NozzleKitsIBIX® systems have a quick-click attachment system providing easy changes in the field for a variety of uses. Our standard nozzle kit comes with every IBIX® unit and additional nozzle kits are available for purchase.

Backpack & Extended Lance

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IBIX backpacks connect to the IBIX 3 H2O for the ultimate in convenience and maneuverability when working overhead or in small spaces. Particularly useful for working on ladders on fire remediation, historic preservation and onboard ships.

ExtendedLanceExtended Lance

An invaluable tool for reaching tight spaces such as attics. Imagine the time savings for an operator with an additional 3 ft. reach for working on ceilings. Simply covering more surface area in less time.


Compressor & Mobile Lab Kit

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compressorIB-VRK220-USA Compressor

Including the only patented Hydro-SEP is a centrifugal moisture separator that takes humidity out of the air flow naturally and improves the performance of your abrasive and provides a smooth, consistent air flow. The 70 cfm dry air production system, with multi-port hose connections, is very quiet for urban cleaning (72db). This is the perfect match for the IBIX® 25 and IBIX® 9 units.

Mobile Lab Kit

MobileLabKitIBIX® has developed a Mobile Lab Kit to support on-site evaluation of surface analysis so architects and contractors have immediate feedback to make qualified decisions using our equipment. In the past, this analysis would have taken up to 8 weeks in an outside LAB. Now a report can be printed immediately to speed up the conservation decision making process.

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