IBIX with its TECNO SUPPLY Division has been in the flame spraying since 1996 and offers the most state-of-the-art Flame Spray Technology available in the market today. The First Technological Advance in the PIPE Coating Industry in years, IBIX coating units provide the maximum corrosion protection. The most portable, lightweight, versatile, eco-friendly thermoplastic coating system for on-site structural field work. Our coating system is the only one of it's kind, capable of coating virtually any bend or angle, by liquefying polymer coatings.

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    Our Coating Systems allow operators to coat joints and make repairs at the most challenging locations. The GLADIATOR & SPARTACUS® flame spray coaters stand out thanks to their many significant application advantages to improved performance and quality.

  • Coating Materials (1)

    Our Coating Systems may be used with several kinds of thermoplastic materials including Polypropylene, polyethylene, PolyHotCote® thermoplastic powders, copolymer alloys in general. All of our non-toxic polymer resins are 100% safe and regulatory compliant.

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