The IBIX® System is a Revolutionary Micro Air Abrasion Technology and the perfect portable blasting equipment for a wide variety of applications. Surface Cleaning and Pre-Painting Preparation as well as Decontamination and Cleaning in the field of industrial plant maintenance.  Benefits include Portable Economical Equipment that is safe and easy to operate, regulatory compliant, and environmentally friendly.

  • Blasting Systems (14)

    IBIX pots are available in 4 sizes (IBIX 3, IBIX 9, IBIX 25 and IBIX 40) with dual action wet and/or dry technology.There are 3 different versions.

    • The IBIX Dry blasters are the perfect maintenance tool, which successfully replaces manual jobs, reducing working time and labor costs for maintenance and repair works.
    • IBIX H2O technology can be used in two different ways i.e. standard dry operation with mineral or vegetal media or low pressure spraying of atomized water mixed with blasting media.
    • IBIX HELIX® is designed specifically for cleaning delicate surfaces. It has a low-pressure projection with "tangential impact" on the surface for a variety of Media.
  • Blasting Media (5)

    Choosing the right Media allows the Operator to make the correct choice for the best possible finish. The IBIX business philosophy is dedicated to saving the environment for the next generation.

    • The IBIX System is a totally sustainable technology digned to have extremely low environmental impact that minimizes waste production and uses only non-toxic, neutral media that can be reclaimed and re-used.
    • Our Units allow for wide variety of choices, even the extremely fine 200 – 350 Mesh. (IBIX® Art Garnet, Carbon® Art, Calcium Carbonate, Vegetal Granules such as walnut shells,Bicarbonate of Soda, Glass Beads..), different grain size from 38 µm to 1800µm.
  • Blasting Accessories (5)

    IBIX Accessories offer new and very professional way of managing service and repairs. IBIX offers IBIX Service Kits for IBIX 9 H20, HELIX9, IBIX 25 H2, HELIZ 25; NOZZLE Boxes IBIX 9, IBIX 25 and IBIX 40 (dry and wet versions); Nozzle Extension Lance; Guns and more. 

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