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IBIX® lightweight, portable aluminum units incorporate a low pressure micro-air abrasion system. Perfect for restoring delicate structures, priceless antiques and furniture. IBIX North America's units and the patented Helix Gun work safely on fragile surfaces. Antique furniture, and precious pieces of our history can be cleaned and restored effectively. IBIX is effective on surfaces such as wood, stone, marble, travertine and metals such as aluminum, copper, zinc.

Revolutionary Rotational Technology...Soft Abrasion HELIX Technique
The patented HELIX® Gun uses a gentle, helical rotational movement.

This soft sanding motion is safe for use on priceless antiques and valuable historic assets. Maximimum effectiveness without damaging delicate surfaces of any type.

Membership in the Restoration Society
IBIX is a member of the RIA, Restoration Industry Society and works hand in hand with local Historic and Government entities to preserve our heritage for the next generation.


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Historic Preservation

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