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EasyBlast1IBIX® Restoring America... Made Easy with Easy Blast

Designed and Engineered by IBIX for restoration companies across North America. We know how much care and hours of labor are dedicated to your most beloved treasure, and IBIX would like to make your job easier. With our hand held precision gun detail blaster.

Easy Blast provides nondestructive cleaning, ideal for auto collision, detail and restoration shops. It is great for pre-paint preparation, rust removal, dirt and debris with no warping. Both the EB-6 and EB 25 are versatile, economical and made of lightweight aluminum with rollers for easy portability.

IBIX has been used for years by industrial professionals on oil & gas pipelines, ship repairs, building restoration and much more. The Easy Blast was specifically designed for auto body restoration because it is safe for any surface. It can be used on engines, brakes, rims and even classic automobiles. These units have been used on motorcycles, bicycles, trains, airplanes and all types of home cleaning projects such as patios, driveways and grills.

Teamed up with our eco-friendly abrasives, they're perfect for pre-paint preparation and cleaning surfaces of virtually any kind, including aluminum, steel, copper, tin, wood, concrete, stone, brick, tile and grout.

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